April 08, 2014

My face above the water my feet can't touch the ground...

wave after wave i'm slowly drifting... ♪♫
Last weeks or months i didn't feel quite well,i guess it's time for a change now.

I'm looking for a new job but, i can't help myself - i don't know which way to go and what i should do. It's so difficult to figure out what would make me happy.

Do what you love and love what you do?!

Guess it's time to get cracking (cause i'll be 32 in september)

In the past i worked at BMW as an office administrator, then i was a directors secretary in a car repairing company, and now i'm a public relations executive. 
While school and later university, i had some side jobs e.g. as a waitress in an american diner, worked at Douglas selling perfumes and make up, was a sales girl in a boutique and did some promotion jobs for different brands.

Well with everything i like there's not a real chance to earn money or lets say having a fixed monthly income. But that's important for me. Working for commission isn't my cup of tea.

My current job is exhausting and after 3 years i feel completely drained.
Maybe i should go back to office administration. 
Earning less but calming down a bit with fixed working hours and enough free time in the evenings for myself. That sounds pretty perfect right now.
Tights: H&M sale
Belt: H&M sale
Scarf: Teguise market(Spain)
Wedges: Thrifted

Everything happens for a reason and i hope i can enjoy the rub of the green soon :)


Have a fab day my dears
XX Tani

March 24, 2014

On days like this...

(view through my car window, it started raining cats and dogs)
...i'm dreaming of sun, white beaches, palmtrees, laying in a hammock with a cocktail in hand and listening to the sound of the waves!

And with summer vacations i always associate the smell and taste of coconut.
I'm a big coconut lover!

Yesterday i decided to make a chocolate- coconut cake for tea.

If you like the combo of chocolate + coconut you'll love it!

Here we go:

First let the chocolate melt in a hot water bowl.
-Meanwhile mix flour, butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, baking soda and the grated coconut for about 2mins.
-Add the melted chocolate and stir well.
-Last add the eggs and mix it until it's a smooth dough.
Fill it in a cake tin and put it in the oven for about 35 - 40 mins on 180°C.
And there you are! Easy, fast and so delicious!

Enjoy your cake and have a fab week 
XX Tani

March 11, 2014

Berlin, baby!

I visited Berlin last weekend and it was amazing! So many things to do, see and discover. A pitty i was only a day there. But for sure i'll come back!
My way in our capital was very touristic.
Excuse the poor picture quality but i forgot my camera and only had my phone for taking pictures...
Starting in the middle of Berlin at the Brandenburg gate / Brandenburger Tor
Then to the Reichstag building
No need for public transport, everything's reachable in minutes by walking.
And on your way you can see the Ampelmännchen
Next stop was Checkpoint Charlie
Alexanderplatz and world clock
Of course i visited some thriftshops
^This was the Garage, i could have spend hours in it!
I've never seen a kilo area where you pay by weight (1kg=20€)

This not-so-easy-to-find shop is called Colours and do also has a kilo area.
Both shops had lovely stuff and the prices (apart from the kilo area)are between cheap and affordable.
Deffo worth a visit!

Here's what i bought:
Skirt 3€, dresses by weight = 17€, silk scarf €1
Leather coat €10
Ideas how to get those creases out of it?

Then off to have an ice coffee, for spring it was a really hot day!
Very sad remembering my former relatives were some of them...

Walked along the Ku`damm / Kürfürstendamm
Yellow carpet instead of a red one // The bear is the symbol of Berlin

And having an original german Currywurst + brötchen, fries, mayonnaise and beer - yum yum yum!!!! 
(At "Bier's Ku`damm 195")
This was my Berlin adventure, i was sad to leave cause i felt in love with this city immediately. Hope to come back soon!

Did you visit Berlin? What have i missed and should see next time?

xx Tani

February 15, 2014

Turtle and check pattern

Some days ago i've seen the Peter Pilotto for Target collection and thought this asymetrical wrap-style skirt is lovely and for sure easy to make!
Original skirt Via

Diane Kruger Via // Alexa Chung Via

So i decided to sew it with some left over fabrics i had!

Not many supplies were needed, just some fabrics, an elastic cuff, needle, thread, scissors and a sewing machine.

Instead of spending € 43 to buy the skirt, this took me just around € 5 and less than 2 hours time (measuring, cutting, sewing, ironing)
I made it a bit longer and more asymetric.
Don't forget to add the seam allowance
Before sewing the front part together try it on and make sure it fits, take a needle and mark where to stitch together.
Sew the elastic cuff on (right on right)
And you're finished!

Easy right?
Have a fantastic weekend my friends!
xx Tani
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