January 08, 2013

New year - new haircut - new beginnings

There are times
when life calls out for a change.
A transition.
Like the seasons.
Spring was wonderful,
but summer is over now
and we missed out on autumn.
And now all of a sudden,
it's cold,
so cold that everything is freezing over.
Love fell asleep,
and the snow took it by surprise.
But if you fall asleep in the snow,
you don't feel death coming.

Paris je t’aime / Faubourg Saint- Denis (10. Arr.) Tom Tykwer

 My year 2012 ended in a mess and i felt so sad and unhappy. Some things changed my life. Not in a positive way unfortunately. I hope 2013 will be better. New beginnings hopefully. 
And new energy.
A big goal this year will be a trip to India in November.
When i think about that i'm feeling better.

 Jacket: H&M
Blouse: Primark sale
Harem pants: No name
Wooden bangle: From Barcelona

 This jacket is one of my fave. Was in sale at H%M (2011)
Looks like going to a british hunt.

 Was at the hairdresser and cut about 30cm of my hair.
BF said don't do it but i did.
Feeling good and don't regret.
Unflattering pants but they're so comfy hey.

Have a fabby eve
XX Tani


  1. Oh, I am sorry you have had difficult changes to cope with. I hope the new year will bring good things, and change/plans which make you feel positive, like your planned India trip.
    Your hair looks beautiful, I love that length on you. xxx

    1. Thank you my dear for your lovely comment !

  2. Sorry to hear that 2012 ended badly for you, I hope things look up in the coming months.

    As an aside your new 'do is fabulous and the outfit is lovely so you seem to be having a very stylish year so far at any rate :)


    1. Thanks Lisa ! And yes, as it's the beginning of a new year i hope so too.

  3. You look fantastic & I wish you all the best in the New Year!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you & all the best for you too Jannie !

  4. Very sorry to hear you've being going through a tough time. Here's to a much better 2013! Your new hair really suits you and you look beautiful. Lovely outfit too!

  5. oh wow i love your new haircut, it suits you so well as we can see more of your beautiful angelic face now;) and darling i´m so sure 2013 will be much better. a lots of love and energy to you!

    1. Thanks for your energy Mary its very welcome :)

  6. I hope everything will be great for you this year. I loved your new hair style , your hair is very healthy, do you have any secrets for looking after it :)?

    1. Thank you sweetheart, well not any special secrets but i use curd soap once a month instead of shampoo and always let them air dry ! Every 3 days i take coconut oil for the lenghts and ends. And before straightening i always use a heat protection.

    2. I must use heat protection too :) thanx ;)

  7. OMG DEaaaaarrrr! You look fabulous! This hair cut is very fashion... Have a great 2013... I hope in better 2013 too. Have a great day. Xoxo V.V.

  8. What a great jacket. And the hair, rocks.

  9. Loveee your haircut, you look amazing! about your outfit love your jacket and wooden bangle.

  10. Your hair looks so awesome! I can´t believe you dared! :D Looks so healthy and thick:)
    I´m sorry to hear about how 2012 ended for you, I´ve experienced something similar myself.
    What are you plans in India? Study or just vacation?? :) xx


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